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We have more than 400 employees and shoulder the same mission , always work hard to satisfy our customers.
We like people who have passion and willing to challenge themselves , here Xiasha can provide them the stage.
We accept simple and diversify, we believe that the great idea which can change the world can make by everyone among us.
People who have working experience
We concern about our employees career ceiling, people who have worked for 3 to 5 years may have the sense of boring
People who just start their job
In order to give you an easy transform from a student to an employee, we will arrange one senior person to help.
Graduation design and internship
The score of graduation means a lot when start your job, we must take serious of the final step.
There are currently
操作工 共计 56人
1、主轴专线2名 2、加工中心 7名 3、数控车床7名 4、磨齿4名 5、金工检验2名 6、数控N60 2名 7、数控宁江机床 1名 8、夏拓机床 2名 9、数控仁和 2名 10、清洗工1名 11、测试员2名 12、走心机2名 13、汽车马达3名 14、六头涡轮3名 15、六头蜗杆2名 16、新能源大轴6名 17、巡检4名 18、成品检验5名 操作工任职要求:初中及以上学历,18-40周岁,身体健康,吃苦耐劳。
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